3 Lazy Girl Hair Styles

When my alarm goes off at 5:45am, the first thing on my mind is certainly not my hair. I like hair styles that are quick, easy, and look like you actually put some time into them.  I’m also a fan of getting my hair out of my face and off my neck – so a ponytail, braid, or top knot are a must. These three hair styles are some of my go’s for that early morning rush or lazy Sunday. All three are crazy simple, quick, and (at least in my opinion!) look super cute.

Side French Braid Pony

french braid pony tail french braid pony tail

Braids are the perfect hair trick for all lazy girls (aka, me). Adding a simple braid on the side of your head after your third day of dry shampooed hair adds a nice touch, and makes it appear that you gave some effort. As long as you know how to french braid, you’ll be all set with this one. Part your hair to your preferred side. Next, take a section of your hair (or your bangs) and begin to french braid. Here, however, I only added in sections at the front of my face, not adding any hair to the braid from the other side. You can certainly do a traditional french braid if you please, I just find that by only adding sections from the front makes the braid look a bit tidier (and it’s simpler). Secure the braid with an elastic. Gather your hair into a low ponytail. In the above photo, I left in the clear elastic that hold the braid – you can certainly remove that once your hair is all secured in the pony. Finally, take a section of your ponytail, and wrap it around the elastic that is holding it in place. Bobby pin to secure. The bobby pin adds a nice touch, because it hides that thick ponytail holder and makes it appear a bit more polished.

Dutch Side Braid
                                                                     dutch braiddutch braid

I recently discovered the difference between french braids and dutch braids, and I have to say, I love both equally. The only difference in dutch braids is that instead of taking pieces and crossing over while you braid, you’re going to cross sections under each other. It’s very simple once your hands get the hang of it, and in my case, it’s a go-to when my hair is a day old and I just need something quick and simple. Here, I parted my hair on the side and dutch-braided the opposite side, securing with a clear elastic and bobby pinning behind my ear. My hair was a bit wavy here which I liked. I’m a big fan of this hair style because it’s a bit on the messy side and, in my opinion, a great look for the summer when your hair has more texture and you can have that “just-got-back-from-the-beach” look.

Ballerina Top Knot

IMG_1960top knot
Oh, the top knot. How simple and perfect you are. This style seriously couldn’t get any simpler. Gather all of you hair into a ponytail at your desired height (I like my top knots to be placed right at the top of my head). Take your ponytail and twist. Take the twisted pony tail, and pull around to form a bun. Grab another hair elastic and secure the bun in place. Then adjust to your desire. I like to pull the top knot so that it expands and becomes a little messy. I also loosen the hair at the top of my head so that it’s not so “slicked back”. Secure any loose pieces with bobby pins and a few spritz of hair spray to finish it off.

Are you a pro at some other lazy girl hair styles? Let me know below!



Becky Lee

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